The Town Council is a democratically elected body of 16 Councillors and is the first tier of local government.

When all 16 Councillors meet together, this is known as 'Full Council' and the meeting is chaired by one Councillor who has been chosen by the others and is known as the Mayor. The Town Mayor also fufills the role of representing the Council at official functions and of course at local and community events. A Deputy Mayor is also elected to assist and deputise for the Mayor, when necessary.

The statutory powers and functions of the Council are defined in law, however the Council's role in the local community is much more far reaching. In Malmesbury the Council directly looks after many local facilities, such as play parks, St. Aldhelm's Mead, the Tetbury Hill Cemetery and Cloister Gardens. The Town Council is also requested to comment on Planning Applications as an 'official consultee', but does not have the power to pass or reject applications, which is the responsibility of Wiltshire Council and government.


The work of the council takes place mainly at the committee level.  Committees are small focused teams of elected members working on your behalf within the scope of that committee's remit.

Some decisions may be taken by committees themselves, but they must report these together with their findings and other recommendations to Full Council which acts to either ratify or reject them. Responsibilities of the Town Council are described in Standing Orders, being the rules which govern the Council.

Malmesbury Councillors

The Committees

To contact a specific committee please address your comments to the clerk for that committee. You can find who this is by clicking on the individual committee links below.

The committees that exist within Malmesbury Town Council are as follows, starting first with a calendar of meetings:

Malmesbury Town Council - Staff Structure