Wiltshire Council COVID-19 Update 24 March


Latest Wiltshire COVID-19 cases
Although the number of cases in Wiltshire is below the national average and rates have fallen again, we still need to keep playing our part.
The rate of cases per 100k has decreased from 41.4 to 35.
As the case numbers continue to show, you're all making a huge difference. Thank you.


Rapid lateral flow testing programmes for businesses

As part of the government's roadmap to cautiously lift restrictions, businesses of all sizes, including now those with fewer than 50 employees, can register to order free lateral flow tests for their employees.

Around 1 in 3 people with coronavirus don't have symptoms, which means they could be spreading the virus in workplaces without knowing. Rapid testing detects cases quickly - in under 30 minutes - meaning positive cases can isolate immediately, breaking chains of transmission.

Regular testing could be the difference between a workplace being able to stay open and operational, or needing to close due to a COVID-19 outbreak. It will form a crucial part of the government's plan to gradually and safely ease restrictions as we get back to a more normal life.

More details on rapid lateral flow testing programmes for businesses


Attending COVID-19 vaccination appointments and taking COVID-19 tests during Ramadan

If you're a practicing Muslim and have a vaccination appointment during Ramadan (Monday 12 April - Wednesday 12 May), the current advice from the British Islamic Medical Association is that having the vaccine does not invalidate fasting, and all practising Muslims invited to be vaccinated in the coming weeks should do so.

The British Islamic Medical Association have also confirmed the view of the majority of Islamic scholars is that taking polymerase chain reaction (PCR) or lateral flow device (LFD) tests during Ramadan does not invalidate the fast.

More details on the advice around tests and vaccinations during Ramadan


Elections on the horizon

Local elections are due to take place on 6 May for the 98 Wiltshire Council unitary divisions, as well as town and parishes.

The Police and Crime Commissioner election also takes place on 6 May as do a number of Neighbourhood Plan Referendums.

Here are some of the other local elections key dates coming up for you to look out for: •Publication of those nominated – 9 April
•Deadline for registering to vote – 19 April
•Deadline for registering to vote by post or postal proxy applications – 20 April (5pm)
•Deadline for receiving new applications to vote by proxy – 27 April (5pm)
•Polling day – 6 May (7am – 10pm)
•Verification/count – 7 – 10 May
Due to the ongoing pandemic we want as many of you as possible to register to vote via post.

You can go online for more information and to get a form.

More details on the upcoming elections


Food Standards Agency encourages young people to ‘Speak Up For Allergies’

The Food Standards Agency has launched a campaign advising young adults to speak up about their food allergies every time they order a takeaway.

Research shows that children and young people are at a higher risk of experiencing food allergy reactions. And while many are confident about managing their food allergy in general, they are less likely to tell a café or restaurant about their allergy, particularly if they have eaten a meal from the same place before.


More details on the '#Speak up for Allergies' campaign


Easter holiday childcare for parents

We have worked with local childminders and activity providers to create a childcare directory for parents that need to work during the upcoming Easter holidays. There is a charge for all provision detailed in the directory.

The first option for any parent needing childcare during the Easter school holidays is to consider forming a childcare bubble locally.

The government has said that people who need childcare during the school holidays for a child under 14 can form a childcare bubble with one other household. Ideally this should be with somebody who live locally. Additional guidance on forming childcare bubbles can be found online.

Where a childcare bubble is not possible, parents can use our directory with details of local childcare providers, fees and locations and contact details.


More details on the child care directory

Download the directory now


 Information evening to find out more about overnight short break car


Are you interested in offering overnight short break care for children with additional needs for small periods of time?

We operate an Overnight Short Breaks Scheme which offers a lifeline to families with children who may have a range of needs.

The team of carers are trained and supported to provide regular breaks for children with autism, learning disabilities or physical disabilities.

If you want to know more, come along to our online information evening on Thursday 25th March at 7pm.


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