Malmesbury Town Council and Heals Partnership in Action

The Malmesbury Town Council and HEALS Partnership in Action

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1) We have opened a professionally staffed Helpline working 7 days per week

2) We are providing

  • Prescription and medicines collection and home delivery
  • Essential food and grocery collection and home delivery
  • ‎Friendship calls and activities with isolated people by phone or Facetime
  • Back up to the fantastic family, neighbour and street support in place.

HEALS is helping with more complex problems including people with debts, rent or Council Tax arrears, Foodbank voucher requests or who need to replace essential household items.

3) We are mobilising Volunteers

Our Volunteers are mainly providing help to people they don’t know and who don’t know them.

We are

  • Recruiting and registering Volunteers – all Volunteers are verified and given essential information
  • Co-Ordinating Volunteers – a team of Volunteer Co-ordinators links volunteers with needs
  • Supporting Volunteers – induction, information, co-ordination and engagement
  • Supporting Community Groups – regular update and information calls
  • Supporting friends, families and neighbours – when personal arrangements aren’t possible

4) We are working with suppliers to resolve difficult problems

We are in focused contact with our local medical services and food shops and working with them to provide the best possible support.

5) Other requirements may emerge

We are liaising closely with Wiltshire Council and other Government and NHS initiatives to make sure we deliver the best overall help during the COVID 19 situation. We will change and adapt as needed.

6) We are being helped

In addition to the efforts of Town Council staff, our volunteer Town Councillors and lots of other voluntary effort we are also being directly helped by:

The Co-Op: The local employed membership co-ordinator is a part of our team

Virtualbusinessservices: Based at Brinkworth, who are providing our Helpline

Mindvision: Supporting our COVID 19 website work

Thank you.

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