Malmesbury Town Team support to Retailers & Businesses

Malmesbury Town Team has activated a programme of support to retailers and businesses in response to COVID-19

Covering Operating & Finance, Marketing & Social Media & Welfare. 

Updates on the best sources of business information, timetables of financial support, marketing support conference calls and one to one calls from local operations, finance, marketing & strategy experts are immediately available. The Business Updates issued by the Malmesbury Town Team are:

A ‘Time to Market’ process has been created and the flowchart can be viewed on the Discover Malmesbury website <link> along with other important new guides for local businesses produced by Malmesbury Town Team. A new initiative supported by Malmesbury Town Team and ShopAppy is being set up to allow Malmesbury retailers, mainly without a web presence, the opportunity to offer key products for sale and delivery via the App. Like the Malmesbury Gift Card launched in November 2019, Malmesbury Town Team anticipates strong local support from residents in Malmesbury and the surrounding areas. To find out more or join the weekly calls and/or Marketing Support calls please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Malmesbury Town Team consists of a group of local people, many with business experience, who see Malmesbury’s town centre as a brand which needs nurturing and supporting. Brought together with a common objective, they all bring different skills to the table to ensure initiatives in the town are driven forward and its ongoing prosperity secured. To help Malmesbury preserve its heritage and the quality of life which makes our town so appealing to live in and visit. Our mission is to work with stakeholders to help create a collaborative environment where businesses, tourism, art and music can thrive and develop new ways to strengthen the town’s appeal.

More information for Malmesbury businesses prepared by Malmesbury Town Team can be found here:


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