Food & Essential Supplies


The Malmesbury Town Council and Heals Partnership is now providing three types of food and essential supplies shopping solutions:

1) If you need food and essential supplies and you have no money or access to money:  We can refer you to HEALS for a Malmesbury Foodbank Voucher.

2) If you are stuck at home, you can’t get into a supermarket delivery system and you can't get any food or essential supplies? This is a growing problem as many food retailers are unable to take orders by phone or email or payment by phone. We can help you. We have a phone/ email ordering and home delivery system in place with our local Co-Operative Store in Gloucester Road and we have the ability to take all types of payment.

3) If you are being offered an online shopping and delivery solution by your food retailer of choice and you would like help filling in the order on your computer….One of our Registered Volunteers can help you.   

If you need shopping help call the Helpline on 01666 815888 - and we’ll take it from there.


Thanks to the generosity of the team at Calcot Manor, our Registered Volunteers are delivering 60 ready meals direct to the most vulnerable members of our community 3 times a week. We expect the need to provide this support will grow and thanks to the team at Waitrose Malmesbury we will be able to increase our delivery to 100 ready meals 3 times a week.

Richard Spencer-Williams - Town Clerk

Paul Buckley – Manager HEALS

Campbell Ritchie – Deputy Mayor

Gavin Grant – Chair of HEALS

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