Wiltshire Cultural Strategy Consultation: Key Stakeholder Meetings


Wiltshire Council have commissioned FEI to work with stakeholders across the county to develop a Cultural Strategy for the period 2024-2030.

Culture means many things to many people, and we take it to mean all those places, practices, activities and objects whose origins lie in human creativity, whether past or present. It means all arts, culture, creative practices, and heritage – built, natural and intangible, such as local customs and traditions.

FEI are conducting conversations with key stakeholders – such as yourselves – and also running 3 workshops.  Please contact us if you would like more information on these.

There is also a public survey which we would like to ask for your assistance in communicating to as many people as possible. The link is here https://rb.gy/ne2zbk

If you have any data, insight or stories from your area that you would like to highlight, please email this to the lead consultant This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Stakeholder Question Framework 

Please find below some questions and prompts for our discussion.


1.    About You

Please come prepared to share a word phrase that best reflects your area and sums up its cultural essence and values.


2.    Current Offer: People, Places and Programmes

How would you describe culture in Wiltshire now?

      What type of culture is on offer across the county? Think about cultural things to do and see, and the places where culture happens.

      Who is involved in making culture - who are the key players and unsung heroes? How well does the sector work together?

      Are there enough opportunities for people to take part and develop their creativity and skills?

      Who attends culture, and who doesn’t? How might they be encouraged to engage more?


3.    Vision and Ambition

What is unique to Wiltshire and what could culture look like in the future?

      What is special about culture in Wiltshire?

      What is missing and what are the challenges and threats?

      What could culture in Wiltshire be in 5, 10 or 20 years?

      Where could Wiltshire look to for inspiration?


4.    Impact - The 5 Pillars

The Council has identified 5 pillars for the cultural strategy.

      Economy - Culture is a central pillar of our approach to economic development, regeneration, and the development of vibrant local communities. It helps us re-imagine the way in which people engage with their towns and encourages long-term and sustainable businesses on our high streets.

      Identity - Culture connects people with the places they live. It helps us discover more about our environment, its history, and its heritage. It also teaches us about ourselves, and our connection with our County.

      Tourism - Culture is also a key component of our offer to visitors, both from the UK, and further afield. 

      Health and wellbeing - Culture contributes to both mental and physical health. It helps people get active. It stimulates minds, and encourages healthy, active, and engaged lifestyles.

      Community: Culture brings communities together, whether it’s through village fetes, community fairs and festivals.


For each of these can you think of good examples of what happens now, what else could happen and what support is needed for culture to do more in these areas. 

Is anything missing - what else is important to consider?


5.    Making it Happen

What must the Strategy do? What would success look like?

      What is needed to make this happen and what are the next steps?

      Who should provide leadership in Wiltshire to for the strategy in the short, medium and longer term?

      Who are the key partners and stakeholders who could or should play a role and what role might you play?







Local stories in and around the Malmesbury area to keep you up-to-date.


A wonderful place to visit with a wealth of attractions right on the doorstep.


MALMESBURY is a vibrant, market town, steeped in history going back to medieval times. Currently home to many famous & popular musical, cultural, and festival events throughout the year, visitors can browse the charming streets with independent retailers, or stop at one of the lively cafes, restaurants, pubs, and bars.

Attractions to visit include the stunning 12th century Malmesbury Abbey, 15th century Market Cross and the Athelstan Museum with a painting of Malmesbury Abbey by JMW Turner. There are also lovely walks along the River Avon.



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