Wiltshire Local Council Plan Review

Wiltshire Council is about to start a consultation period to review its Local plan for housing and other development across Wiltshire for the period unto 2036.
The final plan will have a major impact on development in and around Malmesbury. The consultation is a legal requirement, and the consultation period will last for six weeks and will close on 9th March.
Wiltshire Council are holding an online meeting about the plans and the consultation process for Malmesbury residents at 7pm on Thursday 21st January. You can register to join this meeting here:
Local Plan Review: Consultation events booking form (office.com)
Wiltshire is split into four Market areas, Chippenham, Salisbury, Swindon, and Trowbridge, with Malmesbury being in the Chippenham area.
Each Market area as set out in the Wiltshire Council Core Strategy (Core Policy 1), has levels of settlements, those being Principal settlements, Market towns, Local service centres, and Large/Small villages. Malmesbury is classified as a Market town.
The identified housing requirement for Wiltshire is between 40,840 to 45,600, along with 26 hectares of land for businesses and jobs, of which between 17,410 to 20,400 houses and 9 hectares of land are forecasted to be needed in the Chippenham market area.
Principal settlements will be the primary focus for development, this being Chippenham in our market area, but there may be a need to develop other areas as well, with protecting the countryside a being taken into consideration.
The latest calculation (April 2019) estimated that Malmesbury would require a further 665 houses to be built (2016-2036), of which 95 was outstanding. Since this calculation was made 71 houses have been passed for the site on Filands next to the Filands view development.
We have been advised of five sites around Malmesbury that may be needed for development and these are as follows:
1 Whychurch farm/Crudwell road (including the Worthies)
2 Land east of the A429 (Alpaca farm)
3 Malmesbury static caravan and camp site
4 Land adjacent to Park Land (field on Sherston road next to
5 Land west of Malmesbury on Park Road (two fields adjoining
Park close/White lion park)
It is important that we let Wiltshire Council know of our concerns. Your methods of response are as follows:
Or write to:
Spatial planning, Economic development and planning, Wiltshire Council, County Hall, Trowbridge, BA14 8JQ
You can read the Wiltshire Council planning documents in full here:

County Hall, Trowbridge, BA14 8JQ

You can read the Wiltshire Council planning documents in full here:

       • Malmesbury Site Selection Report [1.43MB]