SSEN planned works at Bristol Road Monday 18th January 2021

SSEN are completing electrical work at Bristol Road on Monday 18th January 2021.  Householders are advised that there will be no power from 9.00am to 5.00pm (the work won't necessarily last for this duration).  Householders are advised to prepare with amounts of hot water, and turn their heating on for longer, earlier.

Householders should call:

  • 0800 294 3259 to register on the SSEN Priority Services Register if they want to be considered as ‘vulnerable’ .
  • 0800 0727282 for enquiries about the works and power outage
  • 0800 980 1395 for SSEN customer relations

Malmesbury Town Council – welfare support for affected residents

If the planned SSEN electrical works means you will be without power you can use the Town Hall between 9.30-4.00pm to warm up. Jackdaws Café will be open for click and collect, and the Wesleyan Hall upstairs is available as a place to warm up. If you access the Town Hall residents must;

  • enter via the main entrance
  • register their details on entry using the QR sign or leave written details with the Caretaker (please take already written details to hand in on entry; the details will be held securely for two weeks and then destroyed).
  • observe the Covid Safety Rules- wear a Face Covering (unless exempt), use the hand sanitiser provided, and ensure social distancing.
  • if residents arrive in a bubble they must ensure they remain in this group throughout the use of the Town Hall.
  • only use chairs provided and please do not stay longer than needed.
  • exit via the Fire Exit to Market Lane.