Bloor Homes consultation on proposed housing development on land set aside for education use at Filands

Bloor Homes have started consultation on building 70 houses on land that is currently set aside for education use at Filands and overall plans for 140 houses on this site and the adjoining site.

Their information can be found at:

The education use land is marked in red on their plan. The remainder of the site, which was given permission for 71 houses in May 2019 by Wiltshire Council against objections by Malmesbury Town Council and in contradiction to our local Neighbourhood Plan, is marked blue.

Bloor Homes are describing their proposals as ‘a masterplan’ for both sites. There is an indication that a nursery may be built in a small and difficult to access plot in the red area in the plan. This plot would not, in the researched view of Malmesbury Town Council, meet Malmesbury’s pressing nursery provision needs. Unfortunately Bloor Homes advised us they have not consulted Wiltshire Education at all about what might be required for a suitable nursery proposal.

Residents are also reminded that Bloor Homes have only recently applied for the education use land be made available for housing. Planning application 20/05470/106 (Whychurch Farm). This education use allocation was agreed when the earlier large developments at Filands were approved. Bloor’s application is contrary to the Malmesbury Neighbourhood Plan and is still being decided by Wiltshire Council. It is strongly opposed by Malmesbury Town Council and Wiltshire Education. In addition, and apart from the potential loss of vital education use land, the current Wiltshire Local Plan proposals are clear that, because of house building plans already agreed or in progress in Malmesbury, no further houses are required to be built in Malmesbury before 2036.

We therefore encourage residents to take into account the wider issues involved when they are considering the consultation Bloor have launched.  

If you wish to confirm to Wiltshire Council that the ‘red land’ n Bloor’s proposal should kept available for education use you can comment here:

To let Bloor know your views on their consultation proposals, which they will be required to publically report in due course, there is a form you can complete at: