Blooming Wonderful

Blooming Wonderful


We are delighted to say that despite all the challenges of current times, Malmesbury in Bloom 2020 has been a great success again this year.


Thank you to Florence Kirk for her lovely photographs of displays around Malmesbury.

The Town Council hope you have all enjoyed the cheer to our town that the beautiful floral displays have and are still giving. A huge thanks goes to all the local businesses and organisations for their kind and invaluable donations.

We would like to thank the Standard for their continued support for this annual event, the children of Malmesbury are always so pleased with their awards.

Thanks must also be given to our brilliant ‘green fingered’ grounds staff, Shaun and Graham for their wonderful planting and care of the displays to ensure they have looked so magnificent throughout, whatever the weather.

As always, the Malmesbury in Bloom Gardening and Children’s Art competitions had fantastic entries. 

Mayor Campbell Ritchie kindly hosted the virtual presentation evenings on Friday 18th September for both the Children’s Art and Garden competitions and we were pleased to be joined by so many entrants. 

Malmesbury in Bloom Children’s Art Competition

It’s clear that during lockdown many children were developing skills in a wide variety of media and entered some stunning artwork. We felt all were winners.

Our judges Mary Ray Smith and Rose Scanlon cast their expert eyes over the entries and it was not easy to decide on the winners, many thanks to them for their time and thought.



See the full list of winners below.

Enjoy a wonderful Malmesbury in Bloom Virtual Art Exhibition tour here


Malmesbury in Bloom Garden Competition

The gardeners were busy too! It was a treat to see all the beautiful garden entries, lots of people have put lockdown time to excellent use. They sent in photos of their gardens for each category and there were so many photos we couldn’t share them all during the zoom presentation event. What we can say is that they are all making Malmesbury a prettier place to live, so we would like to thank each and every one of them.

Piers Lavan our judge had his work cut out to select just a few winners from all the amazing entries, sadly we can't show them all, but here is a little taste. Thanks to Piers for his hard work and a great presentation on the night.





See the full list of winners below.


 Mr Michael Pointer Overall Winner Malmesbury in Bloom 2020



Take a look at more of the blooming wonderful gardens entered into the Malmesbury in Bloom Garden Competition 2020.

Click here for a horticultural treat.

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